Welcome To Maktoom LLC

Maktoom Trading & Contracting Company LLC (Maktoom) is the leading service provides for Artificial Lift System which included and not limited to Reciprocating Rod Pump Services, Progressive Cavity Pump Services, Electrical Submersible Pump Services, Rotaflex Services in major oil blocks of Oman and Middle East. Working in more than 10 blocks since more than 10 years with multinational skilled work force, Maktoom Supplies the industry’s most comprehensive range of products and services, from maintenance to construction work.

We also provide our customers the best range of inspection service, expertise and equipments in Non Destructive testing (NDT) includes UT, RT, MPT, post weld heat treatment services (PWHT) and specialization inspection services.

Our Services

Artificial Lift

BEAM PUMPS: Supply, Installation, Optimization, Maintenance & Refurbishment of Beam Pumps.
PCP: Supply, Installation & Maintenance  of Progressive Cavity Pump.
ROTAFLEX: Supply, Rental, Installation and maintenance  and optimization work.
ESP: Retrofit work and service facility of ESP pumps


WIT: Periodic Well Integrity test of free flow wells, gas lift wells, steam injector wells, sub-hydro statics pumped wells, water disposal wells.
SIT: Periodic surface integrity test.
Stuffing Box: maintenance of stuffing box includes packing change for beam pump & PCP

Flow Line & NDT Work

NDT: Non Destructive testing: UT of old pipe lines and tank vessels. RT, MPT of new pipe lines (includes water, oil and gas lines) and vessel.
Pipe LINE: Construction and Maintenance of Flow Line, water line and gas line from 6” to 36”


VALVES: Supply, Repair, Refurbishment & maintenance of electric, hydraulic & pneumatic valves.
MSV: Supply, repair, refurbishment and maintenance of Master Stop Valve.